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Cloud Computing : Types and How It Works

Cloud computing is a term that can make it easier for you to interact from one computer to another without having to cost a lot of money. Cloud computing will make every one of your jobs easier. 

Cloud computing can even minimize the cost of expenses in your company. Actually, your daily activities cannot be separated from the exchange of information and data carried out using cloud computing. 

What is Cloud Computing ?

Cloud computing is a term from cloud which means internet, and computing which means computer. The definition of cloud computing is a process of processing computer data over the internet network. 

Where the function is so that you can run programs through computers that have been connected to each other at the same time. Cloud computing is a technology that promises the internet as a server center to manage data and applications. 

In addition, cloud computing will also make it easier for you to run programs without installing applications. Not only that, cloud computing also makes it easier for users to access data and information over the internet. 

How Cloud Computing Works

You need to know, that the technology of cloud computing makes the internet as a server center in data management. This system will make it easier for users to login to the internet. 

The goal is so that you can get access to run programs and applications without having to install the application. The commands used by the user will then be forwarded to the application server. 

Once the command is received by the application server, your data will be processed. Where you will receive pages that have been updated according to the commands that have been given before. The command will also be directly integrated with the system on the computer. You will only need an internet network to be able to run the application without installing. 

Cloud Computing Functions

Cloud computing has storage media that is applied in the business sector. Cloud computing is a solution to lower the demand for hardware and software of its users. However, there are still some functions of other cloud computing that you need to know. 

Offers Ease of Scalability

With this cloud computing, you can add storage or can increase other computing capabilities that are more practical. You just have to choose a service package with higher specifications according to the cloud computing service provider you use. 

Ease of Data Access

This cloud computing service will allow you to store and access files online. Thus, your files are always available. But with a note that you are always connected to the internet. 

Facilitate Collaboration

With the ease of access to existing data, to collaborate in completing a job can be easier to do. In fact, changes to the document will be automatically saved and you can see it in real time. So, other people who are your coworkers also always get the latest version or real time. 

Providing Up To Date Means

The latest hardware and software will generally offer much better capabilities. But unfortunately, updating this hardware and software has a fairly expensive price. In addition, you need to set aside time to carry out its installation. 

It's different if you use cloud computing. Where the cloud computing service provider is as good as updating the facilities provided. The goal is so that its users can get maximum benefits. 

Data Security

In the application of cloud computing technology, cloud computing providers have provided data assurance well, so that data is not easily corrupted, technology platforms, and ISO guarantees. 

With cloud computing this will make your data and information more secure and awake than if you were using conventional methods used by most people today. 

Cheaper and Durable

The last function of cloud computing is where the price is cheaper and durable. Where cloud computing does not require storage media storage on an external hard drive, because there is already a storage media centralized on the server. 

This is because all hardware or physical products have a period of use and after the period of use there will be some damage and their functions cannot be optimal because there are often errors. 

Cloud Computing Type 

You need to know, that cloud computing is not one part of microchip technology. But on the contrary, cloud computing is a system consisting of three services, namely software as a service, infrastructure as a service, and platform as a service. To better understand each of these types of cloud computing, then please refer to the following explanation !

Software as a Service

SaaS involves licensing a software application to its users. SaaS itself is a cloud computing service that provides ready-made applications. 

Because, the users of SaaS no longer need to install applications on their devices. In addition, its users are not bothered anymore with application updates, because the developer itself will do this.
This type is commonly found in Microsoft Office 365. Where Microsoft offers applications from Microsoft Office that you can easily access through a browser. So, you can access documents on any device as long as you can login to your account. 

Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS involves a method of sending a file coming from the operating system to a server and storage through IP-based connectivity. Your clients no longer need to buy software or servers. 

Where it can be concluded that iaaS is a series of computing resources available in different specifications. So, its users can also choose the specifications that suit their needs. In general, users are allowed to choose the operating system and type of virtualization for the server. However, without this IaaS, users must create their own servers. 

This will certainly require considerable funds and a long time. Especially when the user needs to add resources to his server. Well, because the flexibility and resources offered by IaaS are quite complete, it is not wrong if this type is more aimed at the company. 

Platform as a Service

PaaS is indeed touted as the most complex type of cloud computing. PaaS is almost similar to SaaS, but there is a difference that states that PaaS is a platform to make software delivered over the internet. 

You need to know, that the resources and operating systems of the platform are managed by the provider, so the developer does not need to think about devices for their work. Without this PaaS service, the process of creating and testing applications is quite troublesome. Because, the developer must have a number of computing devices with different operating systems. 

So, cloud computing is an internet-based computing concept. Where you can do the job like using a computer.