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Understanding Hosting and Its Functions for Websites


For people who are already familiar in the world of websites must have heard about the term Hosting. Indeed, to be able to manage a site on the internet, you must know in advance about the understanding of hosting and its diverse functions.

So is this hosting a must-have ? And how important is the role and function of this hosting ?

A website that has an online status certainly has a domain along with hosting. Of course, the existence of this website and hosting cannot be separated. Because if likened, the website you have is a house building, while to make a house of course you must have a piece of land. Well this land is what we can analogize as Hosting. 

Knowing the Understanding of Hosting and Its Functions is Quite Important

Understanding Hosting and its Functions, of course, you must know if you are going to manage a website or site. Here's the discussion :

What Is Actually Hosting ? 

So what is real hosting ? This hosting is a digital service that is used to process site data and web applications used by users and displayed online with the internet. Website files contained in a hosting are images, scripts, videos, emails, applications, and databases based on data. 

Quoted from the Wikipedia page, hosting is a service on the internet that provides resources for various types of servers that are rented, so that both individuals, individuals or organizations can put information on the internet. The information can be like HTTP, FTP, EMAIL, DNS or something else.

When you are using the internet network and will open a website, then the first thing you have to do is type a domain name or certain keywords found on search engine pages such as yahoo, bing, puffin, or Google.

As discussed a little in paragraph two, the role of the website and the understanding of hosting and its functions can be analogous to the website as a house. while this hosting can be likened to a land that will be used for you to build buildings.

While the domain and IP (Internet Protocol) is an address of the house. Therefore, the function of a domain is for identity on a website to prevent duplication and its nature must be unique. Therefore, the purpose of hosting is as a medium of storing information and data from a website.

How Does Hosting Work ?

How a hosting can work is quite simple. More or less like this stage :
  • The hosting server stores many of the files required by a site. for example: images, videos, scripts, website databases, and others;
  • this visitor types your website domain in the browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and others;
  • The browser asks the hosting server to send the website file to the browser;
  • The server sends the necessary files to the browser;
  • Visitors can open your website.
Although indeed the way this hosting works seems easy, but not all hosting can run well, because many hosting also experience server down, less good capabilities and cause access to the website to be hampered, and other problems.

In the process, this hosting has a very important function for the website and a business. Both as a guarantor of site protection, ensuring its performance is always good, and also increasing the credibility of digital business.

Therefore, you must be careful and not origin in choosing the best hosting provider. As much as possible, choose hosting that has an uptime of up to 99% so that your website can continue to burn continuously. In addition, make sure that the data center is in good condition so that the website is safe and smooth.

What are The Functions of Hosting ?

To complete the explanation of what is hosting above. The following are the various functions of hosting. Among them are like :

Data Storage Media

The first function of hosting is as a storage medium for data. Various files from the website that you will digitalize will be stored on the hosting. The various files in question can be such as: vidio, images, text, audio and also other file types.

Website Data Access Address

The next hosting function is to access the site on a DNS. for example, your website has a "" address. Well this site has a domain name that has been registered with this DNS. When you open a website this, the server will run that website. If there is no hosting even if your website or site address has been registered with DNS, the website will still not be accessible and there will be an error message. Therefore, after you have a domain, then you must have hosting. 

Make Sure the Website Is Always Online

The third hosting function is to make sure your website is always online 24 hours. If there is no hosting, then your website definitely cannot go online. Therefore, by activating web hosting the website you have will always be online as long as the hosting service provider you use is always maintained properly in quality (not experiencing server down and various other problems).

Developing an Online Buying and Selling Site

If you are going to open an online store website or commonly called ecommerce, you must use hosting so that the various information you list can be indexed and readable by search engines. Online store website development can be to bring in buyers massively and the site can become better known by many people.

Create a Professional Email

The next hosting function, is to create a professional email or commonly known as your own company email or domain. The goal is to increase the credibility of your business and to make it look more professional. For example,, before creating the email you must make sure you already have a domain and hosting.

To Provide Website Protection With SSL

The last hosting function is as a website protector to prevent various types of malware attacks, viruses, indicated DDOS attacks and spam. Therefore, by having the support of hosting, you can install SSL (Secure Socket Layer) so that the website you have is more secure and optimal to run.


That's the discussion about the understanding of hosting and its function on a website. For those of you who are serious about managing a website, of course, you will need this hosting because hosting has a variety of functions and benefits that are useful for the progress and smooth running of your website. Choose a hosting service that is trusted and clear.