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What is a Dedicated Server ? Understanding, Benefits, How to Work, Advantages and Disadvantages

What is a dedicated server ? To make sure your system and application can have maximum performance, then you must pay attention to the type of server you will use. This is because the server has a responsibility to ensure the functionality of the system. 

If your system has problems, then one of the things that causes it could lie on the server used. To avoid this, a server with maximum capacity is needed. That way, all its resources can be optimized for various business infrastructure interests. 

What is a Dedicated Server ?

What is a dedicated server? Dedicated server is a server rental service dedicated to only one user. With a dedicated server, its users can optimize all available resources for various business needs. 

This dedicated server also offers convenience for you to get full control or full control access. Especially to determine the type of virtualization to be used according to your needs. 

So, this dedicated server is a server dedicated to a hosting account. In general, the owner of this type of server has a website with a high traffic in large quantities. However, you need to know that a dedicated server owner must have a special room with expert technicians to be able to place and manage the server he has. 

The way this dedicated works is also very similar to hosting, but the server can reach greater storage capacity with wider bandwidth. The purpose of this is so that website traffic does not falter. 
There are two types of servers that are often used, namely dedicated servers and cloud servers which are often referred to as virtual private servers (VPS). 

Benefits of Dedicated Server

After you understand what a dedicated server is, then you also need to understand what benefits you can get by using this dedicated server in website management.
  • The first benefit of dedicated is having complete control over the data you already store.
  • Get more storage capacity compared to hosting. 
  • Its storage capacity is not shared with other users. 
  • Flexible because it can be used to create websites and as a place to store data. 
Although it does have some very useful and interesting benefits for you to try. However, this type of server is not even suitable for those of you who use the website as a personal blog. 

How Dedicated Server Works

The way this dedicated server works will start from the moment you finish making the payment. There are several goals that you can get by using a server, namely where you can build a learning management system (LMS), develop an operating system, to create your own hosting business by installing a control panel. 

However, before you run the server, there are some things that you must prepare in advance. 
  1. The first thing you should set up is to determine the OS to be used by the server. 
  2. After getting information to log in to the server, then improve the security of the server by installing a firewall, updating to install and configure the web server. 
  3. Point the domain to the VPS IP address. 
  4. Install an SSL certificate to secure data transfer activities on its website. 

Advantages of Dedicated Server

Once you understand what a dedicated server is, its benefits and how it works. So, you also have to understand what are the advantages of this dedicated server. 

Maximum Performance

As explained earlier, the use of this dedicated server provides full performance with high capacity for a website or application. The performance of this dedicated server will minimize various obstacles that may arise. 

Unlike shared hosting, the resources owned will be divided according to the number of users in it. Where these will be very connected and dependent on each other, so that the performance of one website will be influenced by other websites. 

If one website experiences a high increase in traffic, then a decrease in resources may occur on other websites in it. Some things that will happen when the server experiences a decrease in power is that the website becomes slow and even potentially crash. 

Guaranteed Privacy

Security is indeed a major factor for every business industry, especially for those of you who play a role in managing sensitive data. This dedicated server provides security guarantees for every user, because indeed you do not have to share resources with other users. That way, you will avoid the activities of neighbors. 

The capacity and security of your server can also be more guaranteed and can operate more optimally. 

Full Access and Control

By using a dedicated server, access and control will be given completely to its users. Users can also install the software you want according to the capacity of the server. 
That way, users can freely manage the capacity and power sharing of various software owned. 

Time and Cost Efficiency

Another advantage of what a dedicated server is that you can save costs and time. Because, you will not need to spend a lot of money to buy a server. You also do not need to spend additional costs to perform maintenance, because this will be managed directly by the technical team of the service provider.

That way, you can monitor more easily. In addition, you can also avoid errors in server management and the possibility of the threat of downtime. 

Disadvantages of Dedicated Server

This dedicated server comes as a service that has a variety of advantages. However, in addition to that, this dedicated server service also requires adequate technical skills. In operation, dedicates this server requires experts who have the ability to operate the server properly. 

However, you need to be aware if there are errors in managing the server. Because, this will be fatal, ranging from security threats to loss of data and information.

You need to know, that to be able to get many advantages and benefits from using this dedicated server, then you also have to get what is the right dedicated server. 

Where this dedicated server is usually used for users who have high data complexity, so adequate resources are needed. Considering the cost that must be incurred is quite large, then of course there are some things that you must pay attention to in detail. The goal is to avoid any errors when you choose this dedicated server service. 

Some things you need to pay attention to in choosing this dedicated server service include the credible security status of the service provider, reliable network connectivity, complete data center location, to flexible payment methods.